About Us

While my exposure to traditional bonsai began in 1993, the opening of the El Dorado School of Satsuki Bonsai in 1997 marked the beginning of an intensive study focused specifically on satsuki azaleas. Being a student in the inaugural class, I graduated the three-year program becoming a certified satsuki bonsai instructor. Since completing that program, my study has continued in Japan with the world renowned satsuki master, Nakayama Suisho.

Our Commitment

In starting our business, North American Satsuki Bonsai Center, we have given our entire focus to creating the best possible experience for you, the bonsai enthusiast. We endeavor to offer a large selection of high-quality satsuki rarely seen outside of Japan. Complimenting our distinctive bonsai are unique satsuki-related products, including pots, books, and tools. Finally, we are committed to filling the void where useful information about satsuki bonsai is lacking, outside of Japan, by developing workshop curricula, presentations, and demonstrations designed to optimize your learning experience.