About Us

While my exposure to traditional bonsai began in 1993, the opening of the El Dorado School of Satsuki Bonsai in 1997 marked the beginning of an intensive study focused specifically on satsuki azaleas. Being a student in the inaugural class, I graduated the three-year program becoming a certified satsuki bonsai instructor. Since completing this program, I have continued my studies in Japan with the world renowned satsuki master Nakayama Suisho.

In starting this business, North American Satsuki Bonsai Center, we have given our entire focus to creating the best possible experience for you, the bonsai enthusiast. We endeavor to offer a large selection of high-quality satsuki rarely seen outside of Japan. Complimenting our distinctive bonsai are unique satsuki-related products, including pots and tools. Finally, we are committed to filling the void where useful information about satsuki bonsai is lacking, outside of Japan, by developing workshop curriculums, presentations, and demonstrations designed to optimize your learning experience.


- Our Philosophy -

We believe it is possible to: a) offer high-quality products at reasonable prices, and b) structure satsuki education in a respectful, thoughtful and organized manner. Above all, it should be fun!

Merriam-Webster defines recreation as “refreshment of strength and spirits after work,” or “means of refreshment or diversion: hobby.” Bonsai, or in our case satsuki bonsai, is a recreational pursuit. If you do not enjoy, gain satisfaction from, or eagerly look forward to working with your satsuki bonsai, then you will cease to pursue this recreational activity. We maintain that your enjoyment and level of satisfaction grow in direct proportion to the amount of success you experience with your trees. If you begin with poorly styled and weak trees, your ability to be successful in satsuki bonsai is severely limited. Therefore, our success as a business directly relates to your success as a satsuki bonsai enthusiast. We will provide high-quality, healthy trees with interesting styles offered at reasonable prices. Please compare our trees with other businesses that also sell satsuki. If you find a better tree for a more reasonable price somewhere else, buy it.

Like you, we are passionate about satsuki bonsai. We truly hope to share our enthusiasm for this beautiful art, as well as our deep appreciation for the Japanese culture from where it originated.


Rick in Nara