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Rochester, New York

We sure enjoyed meeting you at the U.S. National Exhibition in Rochester. With so many great trees on display and amazing attendance, we feel so lucky to have participated in this event. Having the opportunity to talk with you about satsuki, and any other topic that came up, was an incredibly rewarding experience.


I especially want to thank my nephew, Eric Bell, and his wonderful family (Hannah, Chloe, Grace, and Charis) for all of their assistance. I simply could not have done it without their help. You are all so awesome!


We will look forward to more opportunities in the future where we might connect in person again. Be safe, and we'll see you soon!

Coming Soon!

If you have ever sought a book offering practical, reliable information on satsuki azaleas published in English, then look no more. This book is written to inspire and educate anyone wishing to build an in-depth understanding of the characteristics specific to this amazing plant. Equipped with a solid foundation, you will learn the techniques and care necessary for maintaining robust satsuki bonsai. Sign-up now to be notified when the book is ready for publication.