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For those enthusiasts seeking a more detailed knowledge of satsuki bonsai, we have developed a curriculum focused on exploring the tasks and techniques relevant to the season at hand. Our instruction method is friendly and informal respecting the educational requirements of each participant. Learning is unique to each of us and our goal is to best accommodate each student’s individual needs. This also provides a wonderful opportunity to meet and befriend fellow satsuki enthusiasts and share in this enthralling art.

Sample topics include:

  • Repotting- Understanding why, how, and what to expect
  • Wiring- Giving life, structure and movement to your branches
  • Fertilizing- A more subtle and nuanced subject than many realize
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Please see a sampling of comments below, kindly offered by our workshop participants:

"Rick Garcia has the best satsuki bonsai knowledge, workshops, and trees I've been able to find around here. A lot of this knowledge isn't found in English-language books, or in classes in the area. Rick does workshops that include talk and practice. The learn-and-do pattern is as good as it gets. He has a great facility in the East Bay where some of his workshops take place."

I highly recommend Rick and his workshops for anyone seriously interested in satsuki bonsai.

"You can read books,articles,and watch demos (performed during the wrong time of year)and still know very little about satsuki. The workshops gave a time frame to each task."

Myself, all the workshops had great value to enjoying my satsuki to the fullest. Also, the friendships gained made the experience that much more enjoyable. Sharing bonsai is great, but Satsuki enthusiasts have a special connection about a single type of plant. Many people enjoy satsuki but lose interest not knowing how to properly take care and maintain them. These workshops will help more bonsai people learn how to take the special care required to keep your satsuki alive. I hope you continue the course next year. You have so much information to share and advance the love of satsuki in North America.

"Rick, you truly have a love for teaching students how to take care of Satsuki bonsai. You're patient, funny and very helpful on showing each student when it is the right time to wire, repot, prune and maintain your tree throughout the seasons."

No matter if you're a beginner or advanced bonsai enthusiast, you are sure to learn something new in every one of your workshops. Having gone through your classes I have learned how to take care and maintain healthier Satsuki trees for years to come.